Tannas TBS® Oil Saver Solutions – TBS 2100E-F

Tannas TBS® Oil Saver Solutions – TBS 2100E-F

If your TBS 2100E-F customers are voicing concerns about the number or calibrations their instrument performs during normal operation and subsequently the amount of reference fluid being consumed, please confirm they are operating with the TBS Software Package version designed to help address this concern — named the TBS Oil Saver Software, which is Version # 4.0.2 or higher.

The TBS Oil Saver Software Upgrade was introduced in March 2017 for all existing TBS customers utilizing the T42C AutoSampler and TBS 2010 Software Package. This software upgrade has been installed onto all new TBS builds since this timeframe. Primary features include:

Oil Saving Option: When selected, this option eliminates the re-calibration and adjustment to the shear rate when only a torque adjustment is necessary. If only the torque shifts, there is no need for a position adjustment. Instead, the torque change is noted and updated in the Intercept of the equation for all oils equally. All updates are tracked on the screen and in the stored file.

Inject NNR Option (from main screen): This option allows the user to purge the NNR when changing out the NNR containers. This eliminates the need to remove fluid lines during the process. NNR Frequency Option: This selection allows the operator to determine when to run the NNR viscosity verification check, either before/or after running test samples.

Rounding Update: It was found the viscosity calibration was rounding the Slope to 0.0001 places and the samples were rounding to 0.00001 places causing slight changes between the two portions of the program. The new software corrects this to 0.0001 consistently.

Sample Screen: The new software version only tracks necessary information and is easier to read and follow.

The software upgrade is available at no-charge and can be sent to you via Dropbox. Please confirm your customers are operating with this upgraded TBS software.

Please more information, please contact our sales or service team at 03-62799980 or sales@ipsa.com.my.

Thank you.