Tamson TV2000AKV replaced by TV4000AKV EASY

Tamson TV2000AKV replaced by TV4000AKV EASY
Tamson is excited to announce the new TV4000AKV, replacing the TV2000AKV. The modular TV4000AKV EASY is a measuring system that includes everything you need to take precise and reproducible automated kinematic viscosity measurements.

The TV4000AKV EASY is ideal for users that don’t run a lot of different samples in a day but also don’t want to do labor intensive manual determinations and it reduces operator to operator variability. The great advantage of the AKV EASY is that the system is flexible. Up to eight custom-made test configurations can be predefined. This allows users to adapt the system to their requirements. The number of runs, preheating time, maximum flowtime and acceptable deviation of flow time are examples of variables that can be preset.

Primary benefits of Tamson TV4000AKV EASY:
– Meets ASTM, IP, ISO and DIN standards related to kinematic viscosity
– Suitable for Newtonian fluids like lubricants, fuels and polymer solutions
– Easy viscometer exchange
– Chemically resistant to an extended range of fluids and solvents
– Extremely accurate temperature control using well-known Tamson TV4000MKII
– Very precise flow-time measurement independent of fluid type
– Little sample volume
– Budget sensitive way of determining viscosity
– User-configurable reports may be viewed, printed and saved
– Modular bath for easy maintenance access
– Use of suspended level viscometer allows single temperature calibration point, saving time and money on multiple calibration points
– Subjective measurement errors by operators are eliminated

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