Tamson ASTM D892 Foaming Dual Bath

We are excited to introduce the Tamson ASTM D892 foaming dual bath.

ASTM D892 Foaming

The Tamson D892 apparatus consists of two visibility baths and a rack. One liquid bath is used as a high temperature (normally 93.5°C) bath and one liquid bath is used as low temperature (normally 24°C) bath. A bath is constructed with a glass jar. Around the jar is a zincor powder coated case equipped with two glass windows and a stainless steel cover.

The jar is equipped with a drain to ensure safe removal of the bath medium. Each bath has two cooling coils and has the capacity to hold up to four 1000 mL graduated glass foam cylinders.  Next to the two baths, the apparatus is supplied with a rack to hold up to four foam cylinders when cooling down between sequence II and III.  On this rack four calibrated flow meters are mounted.

Primary benefits of Tamson D892 apparatus
– Up to four positions per bath
– Drain valve to empty bath content
– Rack with clamps to overcome the buoyancy of the foam cylinders
– Stirrer with long shaft for optimal temperature uniformity
– Delrin stoppers instead of rubber stoppers, as rubber stoppers can crack over time
– Levelling feet to place the bath spirit level
– Separate opening in cover to add bath medium to make sure the foaming cylinder is immersed to the 900 mL mark
– Robust zincor powder coated case around glass jar
– Removable outside window panels for cleaning purposes
– Each bath is equipped with two cooling coils and can be used interchangeably
– Thermometer opening in cover
– Stainless steel cover

For more information, please see Tamson’s website https://tamson-instruments.com/astm-equipment/astm-d892.

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