Tamson ASTM D4807 Apparatus

Upgrade of Tamson ASTM D4807 Apparatus

Several years ago, Tamson introduced a turn-key apparatus for ASTM D4807. This test method covers the determination of sediment in crude oils by membrane filtration and the test method has been validated for crude oils with sediments up to approximately 0.15 mass %.

The new D4807 have better safety feature.

Advantages of Tamson D4807 apparatus:

• Complete apparatus as all required items for the D4807 test method are in the scope of supply and can be ordered under a single part number.
• Use of robust TC16 circulator to pump bath content through the jacketed funnel.
• TC16 is designed and well insulated to operate at the required test temperature.
• TC16 is now equipped with levelling platform and cover with rings to preheat the toluene required for the test method. This is much safer than using a hot plate.
• Excellent visibility on the jacketed glass funnel.
• TC16 is equipped with a bath drain.
• Sample and filtration system are completely grounded by an earth lead.

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