Gas & Liquid Analysis


Global solutions for Portable & Emission Monitoring

Gasmet  provides solutions for demanding gas monitoring applications, such as continuous emissions monitoring, process gas analysis, portable ambient analysis and industrial hygiene using FTIR Technology. 


  • Multiple analysis using a single measurement
  • FTIR Based Analyzer, Portable FTIR
  • Dioxin Monitoring System - GT90+
  • Portable Ambient Monitoring
  • HAZMAT and Safety Application
  • Green House Gases (GHG)
  • Container Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Gas Library


  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)


Portable Analyser - GT5000 Terra

GT5000 Terra is full of features, in a tiny but robust package. A high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits, multicomponent capability and a built-in-pump, so no need for a separate sampling system. This portable gas analyzer is also lightweight (9.4 kg), splash-proof (IP54 rated) and battery-powered providing unmatched portability for such a powerful analyzer. Designed for demanding on-field use, the GT5000 is the perfect tool for a wide variety of applications and uses cases.

GT5000 Terra

  • Portable and quick set-up
  • Battery operation
  • Wireless communication
  • Simultaneous measurement of all gases
  • Splash-proof, IP54 rated 

Continuous Dioxin Monitoring System - GT90 Dioxin+

The GT90 Dioxin+ is designed specifically for long-term monitoring of dioxin emissions. The automatic system represents the cutting-edge technology for dioxin sampling and fulfills all requirements of the dioxin measurement standard. Because dioxins can be harmful to health, authorities have imposed emission limit values that need to be monitored. Monitoring is done in conformity to the European standard EN1948-1. GT90 Dioxin + is MCERTS certified, and the conditions stated on MCERTS certificate complies with QAL1: EN15267-1, EN15267-2:2009

    Technical features

    • Automatic system designed for continuous operation
    • Heated sampling probe unit and heated line
    • Sampling velocity from 1.1 to 30 m/s
    • Designed for industrial use even in harsh conditions
    • Withstands dust content up to 150 mg/m3
    • Dilution method using dry cartridges
    • Carefully selected materials
    • Remote access and control


    Orthodyne SA, Belgium

    These services include continuous analysers, chromatography systems, analytical engineering, data acquisition systems, maintenance services, and validation.

    Orthodyne’s special asset is the ‘modular concept’ and the company uses a modular system to design and assemble analysers to meet the most demanding customer requirements.


    • Oxygen Analyzer
    • Nitrogen Analyzer
    • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    • Gas Chromatographs


    • Industrial Gases
    • Food & Beverage

    Air Separation Unit

    • To control the production, the storage or the loading, Orthodyne has a complete range of analysers.
    • Orthodyne provides CH4/NMHC or Carbotras (CnHm separated) GC’s on gas producers sites to control the hydrocarbons level in the Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon or Air.
    • Orthodyne can also supply N2 traces, O2 paramagnetic, O2 zirconium and moisture analysers.

    AZ5100 Online Argon DID Plasma N2 ppm Ar
    AZ8000 Online Argon DID Plasma N2 ppm Ar
    THC5000 FID-Online THC ppm O2, N2, Ar
    OPM5000 Online Paramagnetic Sensor O2 % O2
    ODP5000 Online H2O Al2O3 Sensor H2O ppm O2, N2, Ar
    OZR5000 Online O2 ZrO2 Sensor O2 ppm N2, Ar


    PAC is a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as refinery, petrochemical, biofuels, environmental, food & beverage, marine, offshore, subsea,and pharmaceutical.

    To provide its customers with cutting edge technology, PAC leverages significant R&D resources to support its core technologies, including chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, ultrasonics, fluorescence, spectroscopy, and microscopy/video imaging.

    PAC consists of well-known and long-established leading product lines

    • Cambridge Viscosity
    • Antek
    • Advanced Sensor
    • Precision Scientific


    • Industrial Gases
    • Food & Beverage
    • Oil & Gas Exploration & Refinery
    • Energy Industry
    • R&D and Education


    • Sulfur & Nitrogen Analyzer
    • Flash Point
    • Freeze Point
    • Pour Point
    • Viscosity
    • Density
    • Oil in Water
    • Distillation

    PAC's extensive body of process knowledge and advanced analytical tools fuel discoveries on every continent, leading the way to greater productivity, a greener environment, and the realization of new visions for breakthrough industries.

    Training List

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      Process Analyzer Training 2022

      Process Analyzer Training 2022  Instructor:  Smith Analytical USA Date:  17-21 October 2022 Venue:  TBA Key Fundamental Subjects: Analyzer Chemistry & Sample System Analyzer Key Fundamental Technologies Gas Chromatography System Gas Chromatography Simulation Lab Please book your seat. Details of the training to be published soon. Thank you....

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    Product Updates

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      Determination of H2S in Liquids and Gases by ECH

      The ECH  Sulfimax GX Lab fulfils the requirement of German standard DIN 38405-27: Determination of sulphide by gas extraction method (D 27) Applications: – Water, drinking water, surface water – Municipal wastewater – Industrial wastewater – Monitoring of landfill-leachate – Gas analysis (e. g. LNG, LPG) – H2S in...
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      Tannas & King Distributor Portal_CEC L-40 Announcement

      We have terrific news to share! After nearly three years of industry meetings and round-robin testing work, the Tannas Noack S2® has been officially accepted into the CEC L-40 Noack test standard. We have already been notified by the Chairman of the CEC L-40 working group from France of their upcoming purchase! Please notify those...
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      Tamson TV2000AKV replaced by TV4000AKV EASY

      Tamson TV2000AKV replaced by TV4000AKV EASY Tamson is excited to announce the new TV4000AKV, replacing the TV2000AKV. The modular TV4000AKV EASY is a measuring system that includes everything you need to take precise and reproducible automated kinematic viscosity measurements. Application The TV4000AKV EASY is ideal for users that don’t run a lot o...

    New Products

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      PILODIST SP 1000 CC

      IPSA is pleased to introduce  – PILODIST SP 1000 CC Wiped-film evaporator for short-path and molecular distillation This is our new flagship for short path and molecular distillation. The SP 1000 CC is a turnkey ready system for laboratory use and small scale production and is optimized to cover nearly all applications, from high melting...
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      Biolab Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

      IPSA is proud to introduce Biolab Automatic Kinematic Viscometer – Viscos 10A Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic Viscometer, equipped by the latest temperature control, detector, chronometer and washing specifications with different models for oil, fuel, bitumen, polymer and similar newtonian fluids. With different models for oil/fuel, polymer, b...
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      Distillation Plant PILODIST 104 BD – 10L

      The PD104BD is designed for critical and sensitive products and does not contain any metal parts in direct contact with the sample. The system consists of a double jacketed 10L glass vessel with mechanical stirrer drive, precise oil tempered by a dynamic process thermostat. The silvered Distillation column in DN25 made of borosilicate glass can...

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