Oil Condition Inline Analyser by Spectrolytic UK

The FluidInspectIR®  – Inline is a plug & play inline analyser for the real-time, in-situ monitoring of oil and lubricant condition. The FluidInspectIR®  – Inline is the system of choice for monitoring and protecting valuable plant assets in power generation such as engines, turbines and transformers, in metal-working plants like steel and aluminium, and with hydraulic, gear and other rotating equipment.

The FluidInspectIR®  – Inline provides the user with data 24/7 for key oil parameters relating to degradation (such as oxidation,nitration,sulphation), contamination (such as water, soot, glycol), additive depletion (such as anti-oxidants) and physical parameters (such as TAN, TBN, ipH, Vis100/40)  in the same format, units and accuracy as standard oil analysis laboratory reports. Additional functionality can be provided by integrating one or two serial modules to add an optical particle, wear sensor, viscometer, conductivity probe or any other sensor of choice.

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Brochure  – Spectrolytic – Inline Oil Monitoring Analyzer

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