Hoffer Flow Meter Calibration Lab | ISO 17025 & Z540 Accredited


Flow Meter Calibration Lab

With 50 years of flow meter experience Hoffer Flow Controls is regarded as a world leader in flow technology. Our flow meter calibration lab is ISO 17025 accredited and we offer flow meter calibration services for pulse producing flow meters on liquids up to 1,525 GPM. Flow meter calibration certificates are digitally stored and are accessible to our customers at any time upon request to Hoffer. Our flow meter calibration service includes a comprehensive inspection of the flow meter to determine the condition of the meter. A written estimate is provided to our customers prior to any work being performed on the flow meter. Our service includes a thorough cleaning of the flow meter.

Our flow meter calibration lab offers liquid flow meter calibrations to operating viscosities of 100 centistokes. In addition, we are the only commercial company in North America offering cryogenic calibrations on flow meters. Cryogenic flow meter calibrations are available for flow rates up to 200 GPM. Gas flow meter calibrations are available for flow rates up to 200 ACFM on air.

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